Support The Phase Out of Mercury Fillings Around The World

The week of August 20-27 is the 7th Annual Mercury-Free Dentistry Week. Mercury, the most toxic and volatile of the heavy metals, is the main component of dental. Alternatives to amalgam are available in any dental office, and every consumer should demand a non-toxic, non-polluting alternative.
To phase out amalgam in North America and worldwide, we partner with the nonprofit group Consumers for Dental Choice, whose talented consumer advocates, environmentalists, and health professionals work tirelessly – and effectively — to stop the use of dental mercury around the world.

Just four days ago, the new Minamata Convention on Mercury entered into force – it became a legally binding international treaty! Henceforth the United States and Canada must act to cut down their amalgam use.  The question is no longer “if” these countries should address the amalgam issue; the question is now “how much” amalgam use will be cut.