Urban and Metropolitan areas have on average been hotter than the surrounding areas by 1-7°F. Densely populated areas have a high concentration of Carbon dioxide (C02) emissions causing heat to be trapped area. The use of Air Conditioning Units is higher during weekday afternoons. This is in part due to the energy demand required to cool a home or commercial building due to rising temperatures. Energy suppliers are then required to cause rolling blackouts. The suppliers rollback power when they do not have enough energy for the consumers’ demands. Vehicle emissions and humans also increase the temperature of the area.

The use of Green Roofs is a way cities are coping and trying to reduce the heat in the area. Utilizing an area that generally goes unused or unseen and transforming it into a green haven allowing plants to absorb Carbon Dioxide through photosynthesis and release oxygen undisturbed. Though cities are a concrete jungle down below the skyline creating a green jungle above is essential to lessen the impact we are having on our environment.

Green Roof in the city